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«KillaT’ika – The road of Takiri»
the first film production in the Quechua and Asháninka languages from Perú.
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Killa Tika

The road of Takiri

A film by Walter Aparicio R.


On a moonlit night in the mountains, an Andean siren puts a spell on Darío Takiri, who will give him the gift of music. After being orphaned and adopted by a luthier from his community, Takiri’s passion and knowledge about music and instruments will take root/become more profound and he will go on magical adventures.


On a moonlit night in the mountains, a boy called Darío Takiri is bewitched by KillaT’ika, the siren of a lake. From then, his path is painted with the gift of music and the fabulous heritage of his ancestors: a universe inhabited by supernatural beings.

Under the wing of a talented luthier of his community, Takiri will learn how to make instruments and to love music as his reason for living. It’s in his mountains where, among the fields and carnival celebrations, he will discover his own path.

His story will take him on a journey towards the Amazon in search of a family secret. There, guided by the forces of nature, he’ll discover a world full of surprises.

From the impressive Andean mountains KillaT’ika – El camino de Takiri is a homage to the heritage, music and philosophy of Andean and Amazon peoples of Peru.


Darío Takiri’s story has the music of master musician Daniel Kirwayo as constant inspiration.

« KillaT’ika – The road of Takiri »offers a sound journey through the rich and diverse musical traditions that make up the cultural heritage of our native peoples.

The music background of the film is filled with an exquisite collection of folk songs from the Andes and the Amazon, including compositions from musicians from Ayacucho and Cusco, as well as traditional Asháninka songs.


KillaT’ika – The road of Takiri is an adventure that celebrates the diversity of our astonishing geography.

Takiri’s universe is set between the valleys of Canchis, the summits of the Sacred Valley and the Pongo de Mainique canyon, little-known places in the region of Cusco.


An essential part of the director’s vision was the decision to work with the inhabitants of the communities where it was filmed.

With the purpose of the interpretation of the characters that would have the depth that the screenplay required, it was essential that the actors were part of those worlds. The actors were selected and prepared in their respective communities.

This involved a task of several months and in the case of Takiri’s character, the preparation of the actor was a process that took years.


This film is inspired by a profound respect and admiration of Andean and Amazon cultures. It comes from my childhood memories when I heard my grandmother talking about supernatural beings that were part of life in the communities.

KillaT’ika – The road of Takiri seeks to embody the stories that I grew up with, place them in an astounding cultural universe against a backdrop of impressive Andean mountains and Amazon forests.

This creation gathers the representations of life that exists in the Andes and the Amazon of Peru, a source of ancestral knowledge cultivated by the women and men of these spaces.

In a world full of crises, I hope that KillaT’ika – El camino de Takiri will be a breath of hope and wonder, which brings us closer to the strength of nature and reconciles us with that fundamental balance which we all need inside.


Killa Tika

The road of Takiri

…is a homage to the legacy, music and philosophy of Andean and Amazon indigenous peoples of Peru.

…is an adventure that celebrates the diversity of our astonishing geography.

…is a vital manifesto which shows the representations of life that exist in the Andes and Amazon in Peru.

…is a cross-cultural gathering of artists and cinematographic technicians with various visions.

…is a story that draws us into the universe of the Andean and Amazon peoples from the indigenous spirit, which has always inhabited them.

"Killa T'ika - The road of Takiri", is a production of Ojo de Agua Producciones E.I.R.L.


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